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"When I started my journey into fitness I knew I needed help so I hired a trainer. Danny started training me and immediately I was very happy to have him helping me. he was very knowledgeable, friendly, motivating, encouraging, and I could always count on him being there. he did everything that I needed from my trainer and is a huge part of my success today."


“I have been training with Dan for over 2 years who helped me target my upper body goals: strength, proper range of motion and aesthetics. Dan is well knowledgeable with weight lifting and proper form, which are my weaknesses. Dan makes his one-on-one sessions educating, pushing you to succeed and even entertaining, which makes me look forward to training every week. Friends are seeing results in my upper body physique and for the first time in my life am able to make my pecs bounce.”


"Danny is a one-of-kind trainer. I'm 19 years old, and have traveled the world playing soccer. I attended IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL for the length of my high school years to pursue soccer at the highest level. I played in Europe for the last 3 months, and currently play at the highest collegiate level. I have trained with every sort of trainer, strength, or endurance coach out there, and can confidently say Danny is as good or better than all of them. He has an incredible understanding and ability to evaluate your current fitness level, your limits, and your potential, while exploiting those opportunities for the best results."  Full Review


"I have been working with Dan for about 2 years now. Dan is very flexible and accommodates my extensive work and travel schedule. Most recently, he is working with me now on getting toned for my wedding. In a 30 min session, I feel that I get a great workout. He is always coming up with new exercises to keep my workouts fresh and interesting. It's a great cross-training supplement to my running regimen. I feel stronger and more toned."."


"Danny is awesome. He is motivational and tough when he needs to be. He is an excellent trainer and I've had a lot of success working with him. Highly recommended!"


"Highly recommend Danny. Been working with him for a year and not only am I happy with my results but how much he's helped me make this a lifestyle. down 20 lbs and 12% body in body fat. Don't wait until tomorrow - start working with Danny today. change your life for the better.


"I have worked with many trainers over the years and Danny is the best by far. he really understands the body and how to maximize its potential. I was injured many years ago causing me not only to gain weight from lack of activity but also left me with limited mobility in my neck, shoulder, and arm. During my first workout and consultation Danny said he would be able to increase strength and mobility and he has. I am now able to golf which is something I didn't think would be possible 2 years ago. In addition to training Danny is great with nutrition and keeping me accountable to my calorie count. He even checks my food log from time to time in order to keep me on my toes. He is always a text away and if I have a question he has always responded promptly. One of my biggest issues in the past was travel for my work. Danny understand this and is very flexible with his schedule. He also gives me workouts to complete in hotels while on the road. Danny is knowledgeable and is an effective communicator. If you are looking to get fit and do it the right way without gimmicks or fads, Danny Perez is your man."


“I was originally trying to get stronger. Danny taught me basic techniques to build strength. After seeing results from Danny’s programming, I made a new goal to lose 25 pounds.
With Danny’s programming, nutritional advice, and motivation, I went from 153 pounds to 127 pounds in four months. I was building muscle
and losing fat..."       Full Review


"Daniel (Danny) trained me when I was in college. I signed up for a "Biggest Loser" challenger and he became my trainer. Danny is great. He looks at where you're at and always sees more potential. He will push you further always. One time I was doing almost Max of back rows and he came over and dropped the weight and said now do this weight for 5 min. Lol killed me, but I saw results every week and became a stronger person."


"Danny has been my trainer for the past year or so. In that time, he has taken me from completely out of shape, to probably the best shape I have ever been. Both inside and outside of the gym, Danny has been an incredibly positive change in my life. In the gym, he assessed my current level of fitness and mapped out both short and long term goals for me to try to reach every month. This really helped me keep track of my progress and kept me accountable. He has taught me so much about muscles, correct technique, and is always encouraging me to do better. "    Full Review


Danny has been my trainer for 3 years now. I'm 51 Y/O and he has helped me with diet and supplements for my daily regimen. He is flexible with me because my schedule is very erratic. He has a very friendly no attitude personality. We have become friends. He comes to my home to train because I can't make the gym. I highly recommend anyone interested in starting or even continuing a healthy lifestyle to train with Danny. 


"Daniel is great to work with. I've only worked with him for 3 weeks and lost 5 lbs with greatly improved leg strength. I've worked out on my own but it makes a huge difference with someone knows what weight you can handle and knows the proper form. I would recommend Daniel to anyone wanting to improve their fitness and well being.."


"When I started my journey into fitness I knew I needed help so I hired a trainer. Danny started training me and immediately I was very happy to have him helping me. he was very knowledgeable, friendly, motivating, encouraging, and I could always count on him being there. he did everything that I needed from my trainer and is a huge part of my success today."

Rick S.

"I started and stopped working out on my own many times before deciding to hire a personal trainer. i am in my 50's and had concerns about doing more harm than good. Danny helped me lose the belly fat i had been trying to lose for so long. in that first visit i knew i would like working with him. he was direct and no-nonsense and easy to talk to. we talked about my goals, took some measurements and set up a game plan on how to achieve them. one of the things that helped me the most was having Danny direct me on how to do the exercises correctly. i also have to complement him on changing the routine so i wasn't doing the same exercises week after week. that helped to keep it interesting. it is also good for you to know that Danny will show up. Rain, shine, hurricane or no hurricane. I never had him miss an appointment without giving me some kind of notification. if I had not moved I would still be there training with him today."


"it seems that all the good things in life require hard work. health and well-being are no exception to this rule. hard work, sometimes like a thorn other times like a pillow is something i strive to keep constant in my life. it goes without saying, enduring is a plural effort. i have been fortunate to have guidance. a counselor, teacher, and/or mentor. Daniel has been a part of the "me" team long enough to be recognized. his intrinsic nature toward health and fitness are contagious. under his instruction, i have experienced the exhausting and exhilarating benefits of lifting weights, putting them down, only to lift them back up again. with his encouragement and expertise, i understand change to be both a mental and physical process. one simply cannot exist without the other. Daniel is focused on his client's ability to succeed without rushing the process. he understands that long-term change isn't explosive. rather, it's a series of small, intense, and frequent behaviors. the result is the harmonious relationship between the mind and body. but please don't misconstrue my remarks for ease. there is a significant amount of paint, agony, and defeat. yet every single time, at the end of my hour, i feel strong on my feet, heat on my brow, and hard work on my hands. Daniel is responsible for this powerful experience."

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