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Over the years I've worked with clients from all different walks of life. I've worked with professional athletes, people trying to put on or lose weight, teenagers trying to get athletic scholarships and college kids trying to get into the Pros. From working moms, and expecting mothers, to dad bods and golfing grandpas. The one thing they all had in common: Before hiring Olympian Fitness, it's always You vs. You. It's time to change that. Invest in yourself and stop trying to do it all on your own. Don't fight fair, let's tip the scales in your favor!

Comprehensive 60 minute Fitness Evaluation  

  • Full bodyfat % and body measurement profile

  • Goal discussion

  • Nutrition consultation, which gets tied into your goals.

  • Mobility, Flexibility, Core, Strength, Cardio, and Endurance assessment

  • Professional recommendations on what to do to achieve your goals. If you choose to start training with Olympian Fitness we will cover what your programming will look like instead.

1 on 1 60 minute Personal Training Sessions (Monthly Programming) - $95 per session

  • Requires completing the Fitness Evaluation first. Part of developing a results driven program is having metrics to measure against. The Fitness Evaluation provides those metrics. This process also allows us to set up a timeline for when you should hit the goals we discussed.

  • Olympian Fitness doesn't do meal plans, but we do coach on nutrition. You'll be educated and held accountable to a caloric number and macro nutrients if our created program calls for it. Our nutritional component is flexible to meet the life you have, and with more than 13 years of experience we have some tricks up our sleeve to make that easier!

  • You'll also receive an "accessory" program, detailing what exercises, movements, and cardio/conditioning work that is to be completed in conjunction with your training sessions at the facility.

  • Finally, our monthly programming includes monthly body fat % and weight updates, along with any other indicators we have pertinent to your goal. It's important to see progress, and this is one of the ways we do it.


1 on 1 60 minute Personal Training Session (Single Session) - $120 per session

  • ​​Come get an awesome workout in while talking about your current fitness goals and how we can help. Includes a full fitness evaluation.

 Online Personal Training Program - $200 monthly, $500 for 3 months (PIF), $1800 yearly (PIF)

  • Constantly evolving, progressing, completely customized online training. Having access to a gym IS required. Purchase of a scale that can take body fat measurements IS required. Purchase of a body weight scale IS required. Taking weekly progress photos IS required. Purchase of a food scale is optional, unless stated otherwise. 

  • The program begins with a Fitness Evaluation that will take place on a video call. It is very similar to our in-person evaluation. You will need the body weight scale and a way to measure body fat in order to complete this evaluation. You will also be required to take progress pictures to help measure progress.

  • You will be coached on nutrition, caloric intake, macro nutrient tracking, and held accountable to the prescribed nutrition  regimen. In some cases a certified meal plan may be given depending on the goals of the client and whether or not a meal plan will be the most efficient and maintainable course of action. *Olympian Fitness is not a registered dietician or nutritionist, and will simply be providing potential substitutes or suggestions. Clients should always check with a licensed nutritionist.*

  • All online training clients will be given a 5-10 minute video call every week to discuss any topics you need assistance with. In conjunction, Olympian Fitness is available to you as a resource 7 days a week via text or email. In some cases, more time may be allotted for video calls depending on the schedule that day.

1 on 1 60 minute Personal Yoga Session - $80 per session

Group Yoga Sessions - 20$ per session

  • All levels are welcome. Clients will be taken through different types of yoga flows as well as instructed on proper form, posture, and breathing techniques. Initially, clients will be evaluated in order to obtain a metric to measure progression. While sessions can be purchased on a "need" basis, we encourage treating our yoga programs like our personal training programs by setting and achieving measurable and obtainable goals in order to progress to different types of yoga, poses, meditative states, or overall increases in flexibility, mobility, joint health, and more. Yoga sessions are by appointment only. Group sessions are available as well at a discounted rate.

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