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Personal Training is an excellent tool that not only teaches structure and discipline, but is proven to relieve stress and enhance wellbeing. Below are the personal training services offered by Olympian Fitness. Each service is tailored to the individual and comes with its own programming. Find the service below that best suits your interest and then contact us today to schedule your evaluation session. Feel free to put any questions or concerns in your message!



1 on 1 personal training is excellent for those who are new to exercise, want to learn about the intricacies of fitness, or want personalized attention and criticism on how to exercise correctly. It's also great for anyone requiring a highly specialized or specific type of program (like sport specific, or bodybuilding). Results with 1 on 1 training are incredibly effective and easy to obtain due to the attentive nature of a 1 on 1 atmosphere. Some benefits of 1 on 1 training include accelerated results, ability to ask specific questions pertaining to the trainee, and a private atmosphere. If one on one training is something that would work for you then contact us today!



Our online training program is 12 weeks long and is perfect for anyone wanting to save  money while still getting the guidance, knowledge and expertise of a personal trainer. This program is not going to take you from a flat butt to a bubble butt in 6 weeks. It's not going to take you from skinny to jacked overnight, and it isn't going to put you into that little black dress in the closet by having you follow a starvation diet. However, it WILL teach you how to eat right, how to change your bad habits and build good ones, and how to exercise specifically for your body and goals. It WILL teach you to be aware of your posture, improve your flexibility, mobility, and attempt to fix or improve any old injuries or underactive/weak muscles that are hindering you from making progress. This program WILL make you the best version of yourself AND give you the results you're looking for.

Heavy Weights
Fitness Ladies

Small group weight training is a good choice for people that enjoy being in a group setting, have some experience with exercise, and have specific goals regarding sculpting or bodybuilding. Results with small group weight training are very similar to one on one training despite the less intimate environment. Some benefits of this style of training are an upbeat environment where everyone is working together and motivating each other, and a lower per session price due to the less privatized setting. The trade off with this type of training is that the trainer must focus on 2-5 people at one time, which can make it difficult to give extra time to any one individual on specific issues. If small group weight training works for you then contact us today!




Some of the most ignored aspects of health and wellness (from a personal trainer's perspective) are stretching, flexibility, mobility, mindfulness and mental clarity.  The wonderful thing about Yoga is that it hits each one of these aspects, while also providing the ability to decompress and relieve stress, and teach you how to quiet your mind.


Yoga Studio
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